Parliamentary Boat Races 2017

The 2017 Parliamentary Boat Races have been scheduled for Monday 10 July.

Culminating in a race between boats crewed by Members of the two Houses of Parliament, an expanded format is being considered to enable more crews to take part and raise more money for charity.

The Parliamentary Boat Race was first contested in 2006 and has become a staple for many involved in rowing.  It is part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing, the All-Party body within the Palace of Westminster that promotes rowing and challenges issues the sport faces.

Lord Thomas of Gresford, Captain of the House of Lords boat and host of the day made the announcement, saying “I am very pleased we have everything in place so early.  It has allowed us to begin planning for an expanded afternoon with more clubs and rowers taking part, particularly younger crews.  As the event grows, we are looking to raise even more money for charities involved in rowing.”

Chairman of the Group and the House of Commons Captain, Hendon MP Dr Matthew Offord, said “the Parliamentary Boat Races are the highlight of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing’s year.  I am very pleased with the ideas for an expanded format, and the potential for more people to be involved and more money raised for charity.  We are indebted to our previous supporters without whom the event could not take place; we will be contacting them and others to see if there is a means to ensure the platform for the new format is in place as soon as possible so we can begin preparations – and training – in earnest.”

Details of the races will be announced as soon as possible and tickets to attend will be made available on the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing’s website.