Parliamentary Boat Race Trophy Named

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing has named the Parliamentary Boat Race trophy to remember the role played by the Group’s inaugural Honorary Secretary, Robin Hulf.

The trophy, first fought for in 2006, recognises Hulf’s role in supporting the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing and his oversight of the Parliamentary Boat Race since the Group’s inception.  Newly-engraved with the monika “The Robin Hulf Memorial Trophy” it will be raised by either Hendon MP Matthew Offord or Lord Thomas of Gresford, the captains of the Commons and Lords crews.

Lord Gresford, one of the few to have rowed in all Parliamentary Boat Races, made the announcement, saying “Robin was a fantastic individual.  His passion for rowing was second-to-not and with the Parliamentary Boat Race he brought to bear his innate talent in organising what is a very challenging event.  In so doing, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing has raised a great deal of money for charity and we are grateful for all his dedicated hard work.

“It is entirely fitting for the Group, and Members of both Houses of Parliament to remember Robin in this way, and I very much look forward to defeating the boat of MPs so that I can lift the trophy bearing his name.”

The 10th Parliamentary Boat Race is supported by ISPS.  Taking place on Wednesday 14 September to raise funds for charity, the event includes a race between London Youth Rowing and adaptive rowing displays.  A few places remain for an afternoon tea to watch the races, with all proceeds donated to charity.

Robin Hulf (right, with the Parliamentary Boat Race Trophy)