Oxbridge Scholarships

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  1. To provide encouragement, advice and financial support to young people from rugby league backgrounds to attend the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge.
  2. To provide the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge with the means for them to achieve their goal of attracting more people from working-class backgrounds to Oxbridge.

Endowment and Scholarships

A charity registered in England, scholarships will be provided through an endowment, and through direct branded scholarships.


  • Suitable young people identified and made known to the foundation.  A committee from the rugby league family will assess provenance – it need not be based on playing.
  • Representatives from the rugby league clubs of Oxford and Cambridge will make contact or present to candidates, dispelling myths and explaining how to apply.  This support will continue throughout the application process.
  • Candidate is accepted and receive suitable grades.

At Oxbridge

  • Students must do something in rugby league – play, manage social media, gain coaching or refereeing credentials, set up a wheelchair team etc.
  • For those with sponsored scholarships, where there are group projects, they must work on behalf of the sponsor.

Immediately After Graduation

  • Graduates will be ambassadors for the programme for two years.  It is hoped they will continue after this time.
  • For those on sponsored degree courses, they must work for the sponsor for an agreed period.

Giving Back

It is expected many of those who receive Oxbridge rugby league scholarships will go on to be leaders in their chosen profession.  It is hoped they will recognise rugby league a fundament component in making that happen, and will choose to give back in whatever way they can.

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Each year, the foundation will hold a dinner in an Oxbridge College for donors, scholars past and present, candidates, and others to welcome people, thank them, and break down perceptions.