All-Party Parliamentary Group formed to support Motorsport

Members of Parliament have re-invigorated The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Motorsport for the new Parliament and is pressing ahead with its support for motorsport across Westminster and Whitehall.

The Group comprises Members of both Houses of Parliament and welcomes MPs and Peers from all parties.  It will seek to work with bodies responsible for leading motorsport and use its unique position to promote the good work that motorsport does throughout the UK, as well as take up the issues that are faced.

The Group is chaired by Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln; Greg Smith, MP for Buckingham, and James Sunderland, MP for Bracknell.  Other Officers and all Members are listed on the Group’s website,, and many more Members of both Houses of Parliament will be lending their support in the coming months.

In its first public statement on the formation of the Group said “Members of Parliament have always been passionate about motorsport, and there are many who will have great interest due to the number of tracks, teams, and the wider industry and employers that exist across many constituencies.

“It is our intention to ensure the UK continues its strong motoring pedigree by working closely with motorsport bodies to understand how we can be of most use in Parliament.

“Naturally, our current focus is on matters around COVID and one of the Group’s first actions was to write to Motorsport UK to offer our help.”

For more information about the Group and to sign up to the Group’s mailing list, visit  Updates will be posted on Twitter at @ParliamentMotor.