All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing welcomes first Honorary Members

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing has appointed Professor Isobel Pollock-Hulf and Alan Foster as its first Honorary Life Members.

The newly-created membership will be used sparingly and will recognise individuals who have supported the Group and the sport over a long and sustained period. They join Lords and MPs and non-Parliamentary Associate Members in the Group and are encouraged to play an active role in the Group by attending meetings and giving their thoughts on issues.

Both Pollock-Hulf and Foster have been involved in the Group behind the scenes since the Group’s inception in 2006; Pollock-Hulf as a longstanding active supporter and Foster as the lead in organising the water-side of the annual Parliamentary Boat Race.

Co-Chairman of the Group, Lord Thomas of Gresford said “Isobel and Alan have played a significant role in supporting rowing long before the Group was formed. They have been integral in our work and they are very much friends of the Group. This new type of membership, and their becoming the first Honorary Life Members of the Group, is fitting recognition to their time and counsel. They are very welcome and we are looking forward to working more strategically with them both.”

Professor Pollock-Hulf is the widow of the Group’s former Honorary Secretary Robin Hulf. She rowed whilst studying at Imperial College between 1973 and 1976 and has been involved in the Group since 2006. She was the driving force behind the Group’s reformation. She thanked the Group, saying “It was my privilege to support Robin and the Group in their love of rowing and I love the sport as much as Robin did. Like anything you are passionate about, its emotionally engaging and makes light of any time and effort spent. I have many great friends through rowing and I am delighted to be awarded Honorary Life Membership of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing.”

Foster is an active oarsman and coach with London Rowing Club, and retires as Parliamentary Boat Race Director after nine years. He said “it has been my honour to have played a part in supporting the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing since its first year. Its work to support rowing in the UK is vital and important and I am touched by Members of both Houses of Parliament considering me for Honorary Life Membership.”