All-Party Parliamentary Group for Motorsport on Sir Stirling Moss

The Co-Chairmen of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Motorsport have released a statement on the passing of Sir Stirling Moss.

Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln, said “Sir Stirling was an amazing and  fearless driver and sportsman who reached the top, and was widely regarded as a true great on the world stage of motor racing.

“Stirling Moss was supportive of all motorsports and the classic car movement over more recent years. From a different and halcyon age, he  will be fondly remembered by many.”

James Sunderland, MP for Bracknell, said “Sir Stirling Moss was a true great.  I had the pleasure of meeting him several times.  He was a real gentleman.  I was struck by his humility to all and gratitude to the sport that had made him famous.  He will be missed by all in a sport that owes much to his talent and generosity.”

Greg Smith, MP for Buckingham, said “Sir Stirling Moss was an icon of British racing, proven across all categories of motorsport. After retiring, his mentoring younger drivers was as invaluable as much to the industry, and therefore cars we see on the roads today, as it was personally to those who shared his passion for racing.”